Common questions about waste separation for recycling

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Although separate the garbage is already an activity incorporated in our daily lives, those who have no doubts when it comes to putting the waste in the right container cast the first stone.

Where does the Styrofoam go? What about coffee pods? Since the lamps are made of glass, is it okay to put them together with the bottles?

Mistakes at separating the garbage can end up contaminating the entire container.

Check the answers to some common questions when it comes to recycling to make no more mistakes.

Should lamps be discarded with glass bottles?

No! Lamps contain mercury, which can seriously damage the environment and it is prejudicial to our health. If we put them with the bottles, we are contaminating all the glass and harming its recycling. The lamps must be placed in specific bins to ensure that the mercury is disposed of safely.

Products considered dangerous that should never go to waste:

  • Fluorescent lamps;
  • Cartridges and toners;
  • Batteries;
  • Electronics – CPUs, monitors, cables, keyboards, stabilizers, cell phones and appliances.

These products must go to specific collection points for this purpose.

Is it necessary to wash the packaging?

No, but it is hygienic to remove food leftovers, especially if you will store it for some time, to avoid bad smell, or insects and rats.

One tip is to leave it in the sink while washing the dishes. The dripping water will end up washing the packaging without having to spend water to do so.

Can I pour cooking oil down the drain?

Never! Cooking oil is an extremely polluting product. In addition to damaging the hydraulic installation, it pollutes the water, causes the death of fishes, and unbalances the ecosystem. Put the cooking oil in a pet bottle and deliver it to a recycling point in your area.

Are tissues and napkins recyclable?

Unfortunately not. ☹ Dirty tissues and napkins should be disposed of with the organics bin. So, the ideal is to use them sparingly and choose brands that offer products with sustainable packaging.

Should Tetra Pak packages, of milk and juice, for example, go to cardboard waste?

This is a very common mistake! Tetra Pak packages must be placed together with the plastic. In case of doubts, you can find information for correct disposal in the packaging itself.

I have accidentally broken a ceramic dish. Can I dispose of it with the glass?

You cannot. Ceramics, such as crockery, porcelain, Pyrex, eyeglasses, lamps, crystals, mirrors, tempered glass and some other special glasses, are not recyclable.

It is important to know that 1 kg of broken glass makes 1 kg of new glass, as it is 100% recyclable. So, let’s do it right. ?

Where clips and staples should be thrown in?

Clips, staples, steel sponges, cans of varnish and cans of toxic products are not recyclable. They must go to organic waste. The ideal would be to avoid them!

In the supermarket that I buy groceries, fruits come in Styrofoam trays. What should I do with them?

First, change the supermarket! Although the Styrofoam is recyclable when placed in the plastic collection container, they are very bulky and light. That’s why some recycling companies choose not to work with this material. In any case, the packaging is unnecessary and harmful to the environment.

Should I discard the entire pizza box in the organic bin because of the fat?

The pizza box can be divided. Thus, the fat-free part goes into the dry garbage for recycling. The greasy must be placed with the organic waste.

I have some very old clothes that I cannot even donate. How do I dispose of them?

Any old clothes, not able to be donated, must go to the organic garbage. So, even if the clothes are unable to be used, try to reuse the fabric as much as possible. Thinking twice before buying new ones is also a good practice.

Should makeup, nail polish and beauty products be discarded without the packaging?

When we need to throw away an item that still has the product in it, usually expired, dump the product in the organic waste and the packaging in the recyclable one.

If the product is very liquid and not toxic, you can also pour it into the drain.

How to recycle coffee pods?

This is a very common question! And our first recommendation is: do not use plastic capsules! There are a number of alternatives available in the market:

If you really HAVE to maintain your current coffee pod usage, aware of the problem caused, many of the pod brands offer specific recycling programs.

Learn more about coffee pods:

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