Chey All Natural Dry Shampoo


Oil-absorbing, shower-extending magic in an eco-friendly tube!
Instantly refresh your hair with our all natural vegan dry shampoo. No one will ever know you skipped a shower (or two).
Keep your hair’s appearance and scalp happy. This baby works on all hair types including sensitive scalp and all colors.

100% natural ingredients and CG approved.

Maranta arundinacea root: natural powder that absorbs oil and mattifies greasy hair.
Arena Sativa: a moisturising natural ingredient which pampers treated hair, making it appear healthier and shinier.
Bentonite: adds moisture and remove toxins.
Theobroma cacao fruit powder: high levels of antioxidants to add vibrance.
Natural aroma: natural delivered ingredient used as fragrance.

Made in Netherlands

In stock

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