Maistic Gen Compostable Waste Bags


Home Compostable Food Bags
Maistic Food bags are certified home compostable and named ‘Maistic 2.GEN’. Second generation because the Maistic bags and material is updated to better strength and durability. And because the bags now contain the second-generation bioplastic PHA – an upcycled compostable bioplastic made from plant residues in food production.

Maistic bags has the certification OK Compost HOME and by that tested compostable with food scraps in an environment similar to a good, well nourished home composting container. For a bag or products to obtain the compost certifications, no traditional plastics are allowed as these can never decompose. And therefore no phthalates, BPA and other bisphenoles either as these are plasticizers used in traditional plastics.

Maistic bags are suitable for kids lunch box, cold and freeze storage, daily dry foods etc at -20 to 40 degrees celcius. Not for microwave. They of course come in plasticfree paper box, marked with a ‘use before’ date as home compostable bags has a natural shelf life of 1 year from production. All Maistic bags are approved for food contact.


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