Nudie Period Cup


These wonder cups might just change your life!  Designed with every woman in mind, the nüdie cup keeps you covered from light to heavy flow days. Even the petite teen size nüdie cup has the capacity of at least three mini tampons. These non-toxic, latex-free and BPA-free nüdie cups can help you reduce your carbon footprint – you’ll save around 2,000 disposable period products over a 10 year period (the lifespan on a nudie). SIZES: S – Under 18 – Perfect for those under 18 or in their early 20’s with strong pelvic floor muscles. M – 18-30, not given birth – Perfect if you are aged 18 to 30 and have not given birth vaginally. L – 30+ / given birth – Perfect if you have given birth vaginally or are over 30 years old.


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