Set of 2 Coconut bowls + Wooden spoons + Retaining rings


This handcrafted coconut bowl brings a touch of tropical paradise to your kitchen.
Made of Reclaimed coconut shells collected and prepared by hand in Vietnam where they are cut, cleaned, sanded and polished.

** The set includes: 2 coconut bowls, 2 fibre retaining rings and 2 spoons.

This is the plastic-free alternative to conventional bowls for muesli, salads, breakfast, soups and so on.

The bowls are made of 100% not stained coconut, they are food-safe, neutral in taste and recyclable.

Tip** After use, hand wash the coconut bowls (contain ca. 600 ml) with warm soapy water. Should they start looking a bit dull, just revive them with a bit of coconut oil.

This set is a great gift idea and which will also help reduce plastic waste and plastic production.

Note: Each coconut has a unique size, shape and grain.

A masterpiece of nature for the whole family and a real eye-catcher in any kitchen.

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